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Information for Agility Competitors

Competing at Agility and Jumpers events

There a number of things you need to do before you can compete with your dog and below is a guide to help you through these.

To compete at any Agility and Jumpers Ribbon and Champ shows your dog needs:

  • to be at least 18 months old

​While you can train your dog before it is 18 months old you cannot compete.  Clubs follow the NZ Agility Committee Code of Practice for training dogs under 18 months.  The Code of Practice can be found in section of the Agility Regulations.


  • to be measured

All dogs competing in Agility in NZ must have an interim height measurement recorded at 18 months and a permanent height measurement recorded at 2 years, including those competing only at Ribbon Trials. Dogs may be measured up to four weeks prior to their 18 month or two year anniversary. 

Measuring must be performed by two official measurers and this is often done at shows.  Check out the Dogagility website’s Information section on Measuring Dogs for all the information you need.

  • have a permanent number

This is the number for your dog will use at all competitions.  Go to the Dogagility website’s Perm Nbr Register section to Register a new dog.  You can apply for a Permanent number without belonging to Dogs NZ and then update your details later if you join.

The site has all the information you need about measuring your dog and getting a permanent number.


To compete at any Agility and Jumpers Champ shows you also need:

  • to be a Dogs NZ Member

You can join Dogs NZ (formally NZ Kennel Club ) on line and pay by credit card

  • to register your dog with Dogs NZ

Dogs NZ has two registers; a purebred register for registered breeders to use to register purebred dogs and an Obedience register for other dogs.  Refer to the Dogs NZ website on how to register your dog. 

Useful websites: – This is the official agility site and has heaps of information.  It has the agility events calendar, online entries for some shows, catalogues you can down load and after the show the results. Here you can find the agility regulations (which every Competitor should be familiar with), updates from the Agility committee, all the forms for NZKC qualifications, the Permanent Number database and lots of information about the sport. –This is the official site for the Dogs NZ.  It has information about Dogs NZ and regulations. – This is Diana’s show secretary site.  Diana is show secretary for many shows and you can enter these on line via this site.

Facebook groups

There are two Facebook groups where notices for shows and other information is posted.

A group for members of Dogs NZ Agility that want to be kept up-to-date with official communications from the Agility Committee.
This can also include important show or trial information relating to up coming events.

This is a general group for Dog Agility enthusiasts!. This can also include important show or trial information relating to up coming events.

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