Agility for Club Members

Why do Agility

Dog agility is a fun sport in which a handler aims to accurately direct a dog around an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, a crossover, dog walk, A-frame and a line of 12 poles known as weave poles. Emphasis is placed on accuracy, speed and safety.

The sport of agility is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds.  It is an active sport and dogs need a general level of good health & fitness (including not being over-weight), reasonable off lead control and a basic level of obedience.

People are attracted to agility for a wide variety of reasons.  Some simply want to spend some "quality time" with their dogs, doing something that's fun. The only thing that's more fun than watching dogs in agility is doing it with your own dog! 

Some dog owners who begin agility training have no intention of competing - they use agility to instill confidence in their dogs, to enhance their performance in the breed or obedience ring, or simply to have a more confident pet.  Others see agility as a way to help their active canines "blow off steam" in a constructive and fun manner, turning an unruly friend into a willing and appreciative teammate.

If you are looking for a place where your dog can burn off some excess energy in a safe, constructive manner, or you're interested in competing agility training offers amusement and challenges for both the dog and handler.  


The classes listed here are available to financial members of the club. For information on types of membership and how to join the club go to the Join page.

What we offer

The club offers the following Agility training for Club members 

  • Foundation training classes 6.45pm

  • Competition training classes 7.45 pm

​Instructors will assess Dogs before they can move from one class to the next.

Members start setting up the courses from 6.30 and welcome any assistance.  It is a good idea to come earlier than your class start so you can exercise and toilet your dog beforehand . Handlers are also expected to help put the equipment away at the end of training.

You are welcome to visit us on a training night to observe and see if this is for you and your dog.

Members are also welcome to enroll in the Beginners agility course.



The classes are held at the club grounds on Thursdays in 8 week terms with the ninth week being an Instructors only night.

The class term dates for 2020 are:

9 January- 27 February

12 March - 30 April

14 May - 2 July

13 August - 1 October

15 October - 3 December

Foundation Classes

Puppy Foundation Class

6.45pm Thursday

This class teaches handlers and their dogs to foundation skills using flatwork, cones, bump jumps and tunnels. 

As the puppies get older they are introduced to low height jumps and a variety of equipment such as the hoop and blind jumps.  Sessions are short and age appropriate.

Puppies must be at least six months old, have a dependable recall and can confidently work off lead in a distracting environment.

After graduating from this class dogs are ready to go into the Elementary/ Starters class.

Keen 1.jpg

Elementary /Starters

6.45pm Thursday

This class builds the foundation agility skills that handler and dogs need to prepare them to enter competitions.


Handlers will learn a range of handling moves and when to use them. Weaves and contacts are taught.

Suitable for dogs twelve months or older who have passed the Agility Beginners course or the puppy foundation course. 

Dogs must have a dependable recall and work confidently off lead in a distracting environment.

After graduating from this class dogs are ready to go into the Starter/Novice class at 7.45pm.

Competition Classes

Starter / Novice Class

7.45pm Thursday

This class is for dogs competing at Starters or about to start.


Dogs must have solid weave performance and clear understanding of Contacts. 


The class builds on the basic handling moves that are learnt in the Elementary/Starter class and focuses on the challenges found in starter and novice level courses. 

All obstacles are used in this class except for the seesaw.

Dogs graduate from this class dogs when they win out of Starters and are ready to go into the Novice/ Intermediate class.

Novice / Intermediate Class

7.45pm Thursday

This class is for dogs that are competing at Novice and Intermediate either at Champ shows or Ribbon.

The class builds on the handling in the Starter / Novice class and focuses on the challenges found in Novice and Intermediate level courses. 


All obstacles are used in this class including the seesaw.

Dogs graduate from this class dogs when they win out of Novice and are ready to go into the Senior class.

Baxter contact.jpg

Senior Class

7.45pm Thursday

This class is for dogs who are competing at Senior, either at Champ shows or Ribbons.

The class focuses on advanced handling level challenges while working sequences and difficult courses.   


All obstacles are used in this class, including the seesaw.

Dogs in this class need to have proficient handling skills and be confident with all equipment, including the see saw.

This is the highest level training class.

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