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History of Agility

Where it all started...


Dog Agility began as an extra entertainment to fill time between events at the world-famous Crufts International Dog Show in Britain in 1978. It was such a success with both the spectators and the participants that a new dog sport was born.

Dog Agility combines a fast pace, an athletic challenge, strategy and teamwork. Everywhere the sport is introduced, dogs, handlers, volunteers and spectators alike fall in love with the crazy fun-filled games that give Dog Agility its name.

Today, agility enjoys enormous popularity in Britain, with well-attended competitions every weekend during the show season. The larger events draw thousands of competitors and attract huge, appreciative audiences - many competitions are televised. This enthusiasm has spread to virtually all of Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand, followed by the USA in 1986, making Dog Agility a truly international dog sport.


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