Prizegiving December 2018

Congratulations to everyone . Another fun year and lots to celebrate.  We captured some of the winners.  For a full list scroll to the bottom.

Debbie   Club person of the year
Club person of the year
Christine and Dallas Jumpers Grand
The smile says it all!
Heather & Jazz Agility Dog of year
Top Maxi Dog
Chris and Buzz Agility Champ
Agility Champion
Chanelle  Most improved
Most Improved Handler
Marilyn and Star Novice Obedience
Top Novice Obedience Dog
Heather & Flynn Maxi Jumpers dog
Top Maxi Jumpers dog
Patsy & Jaffa Med Jumpers Dog
Silvia & Scooter 200 Clear rounds
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Full Results

Clear Rounds 
30 CR Elaine Rohde and Sneaky 
60 CR Elaine Rohde and Jag 
200 CR Sylvia Lord and Scooter 
300 CR Chris Charlton and Peaches 
Heather Warren and Jazz, Griff and Flynn 
Heather Warren and Jazz, Griff, Buddy and Flynn 
Chris Charlton and Cardiac Arrest 
Elaine Rodhe and License to Steal 
Nicole Beaumont and Sheez Pipe-N-Hot 
Di Stephens and The Empire Strikes Back 
ADX Bronze 
Heather Warren and Jazz, Griff and Flynn 
ADX Silver 
Heather Warren and Jazz, Griff and Flynn 
ADX Gold 
Heather Warren and Jazz and Griff 
Agility Champion 
Heather Warren and Jazz and Griff 
Chris Charlton and Corindale to Infinity 
Jumper Champion 
Heather Warren and Jazz and Buddy 
Agility Grand Champion 
Heather Warren and Jazz 
Jumpers Grand Champion 
Christine Wallace and Aquila Liquid Gold 
Heather Warren and Buddy 


Top Starter Dog: Allan Rohde and Kruz 
Mini/Micro Agility Dog: Toshimi Service and Ace 
Mini/Micro Jumper Dog: Toshimi Service and Ace 
Medium Agility Dog: Elaine Rohde and Bolt 
Medium Jumpers Dog: Patsy Aldridge and Jaffa 
Maxi Agility Dog: Heather Warren and Jazz 
Maxi Jumpers Dog: Heather Warren and Flynn 
Most Improved: Chantelle Trust and Harley 
Most Improved Runner-Up: Louise Postles and Django 
Agility Dog of the Year: Heather Warren and Jazz 
Agility Dog of the Year Runner-Up: Heather Warren and Buddy 
Novice:  Marilyn Lambert and Star 
Test A: Elaine Rohde and Sneaky 
Test B: Jenny Butler and Minty 
Test C :  Elaine Rohde and Bolt 

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